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About us

Foshan Shunde District Cafos Electric Co., Ltd,is a International Group Co., Ltd, locates in Shunde, the capital of household electric appliances. It is a base producing large household electric appliance with science research and new production development, and specially researches, develops and produces the first-class electric appliances to provide heat and hot water like heating and water warming facilities in the world. It has successfully developed four types of products with more than one hundred specifications, widely used in households, schools, governmental offices, armies, hospitals, hotels, factory dormitories, etc. Its products are safe, efficient, convenient, energy saving and environmental, and popular among customers home and abroad.

With research, development and production for many years, it has originally created the dynamic heat conduction electrical heating technique of ‘Three Dimension Maze’ and produced the ‘Automatic Temperature Control Heating Material’ of different kinds of materials selected from all over the world, which makes the heating endurable and makes up the shortage of electrical heating in China and other parts in the world, and solves the problems with using electrical heating tube and glass tube.

Cafos takes the idea of ‘Sincerity, Harmony, Coexistence, and Win-win’ in order to reach the business concept of ‘Cutting the cost and Common Progress’ for the customers and brings the real beneficial and genuine service to every client cooperating with us and every customer.

Cafos targets at innovation technology, invests heavily and finally opens the chapter of changing electrical heating technology after many years, whose unparalleled safety and durability cannot be overtaken by other products of the same type in the world. Cafos has a large factory to produce the heating unit, which is the core part of electrical heating, with the label of OEM and famous brand machine. It has obtained the National Compulsory Certification and the National Patent for its structure. Cafos, through the electrical heating technique change and new thought, will take heating and water warming facilities to enter the new trend and brings warmth to human for their common happiness. 

When we step into the high-tech age, Cafos with the customers will forever make common progress and innovation, take part in the future opportunity and challenge, and create a new hot shower era of the advanced technology 

Cafos’ idea: people-oriented and innovating

Cafos’ promise: going forward hand in hand and creating a better future 

Constantly innovating and bringing in unlimited business opportunities!

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