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Solutions for daily small problems:

1.Water shortage

This problem generally caused by unsuitable instsall, it need water supply interface must be connected with running water,otherwise, it will cause water shortage,due to insufficient water supply pressure.

2.Noise of pump

Big noise generally caused by air in the pump, it need to open the front cover of boiler and deflate the pump by slotted screwdriver, and then will turn normal.

3.How to choose RCD(Air Switch)

Current=Power/Voltage, when current of air switch over production current, will be available.

It will use total 3 lines for 220V voltage, including 1 pcs live wire,1pcs zero line and 1 pcs earth line; For 380V voltage, will use 3 pcs live wres,1pcs zero line and 1 pcs earth line.

4.Not heating

Due to a.Maybe setting indoor temperature lower than the real indoor temperature

b. Much lower water temperature setting

c. Water shortage