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Model No:DSK-E-C

Rated Voltage:220-240V

Rated Power:8KW

Color:Colorful or customized

Cafos Shower instant electric water heater DSK-E-C 8KW

Model No:DSK-E-C

Rated Voltage:220-240V

Rated Power:8KW

Color:Colorful or customized

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Product description:

1.Bathroom Portable Electric Water Heater

2.1 phase, CE(EMC+LVD) 

3.Provide endless hot water 
4.Multiple function 
5.Patent heating technology 


Features:( Bathroom Portable Electric Water Heater )

    1) On-demand hot water-never runs out 

    2) Reduce water heating costs by as much as 50%

    3) Compact design saves space, luxury IMD(In_Mold Decoration) front cover 

    4) Far less likely to leak or rupture 

    5) Substantially reduces risk of scalding injuries to children and elderly 

    6) Maintains efficience throughout its service 

    7) Less prone to hard water, sediment, or mineral problems

    8) Long service life!


Functions ( Bathroom Portable Electric Water Heater )

1) Unique glassy IMD front cover, water splashing proof, corrosion, ageing resisting.

2) Adopts patent heating technology-enclosed loop heating system, instant for hot water with less heating loss, nano- insulation material which separates water from electricity.

3) Multi-layer structure heating chamber form a long circulation water channel, no limescale, long lifespan.

4) Electricity leakage protection, anti-scalding protection, over-pressure and over temperature protection, water and electricity isolation protection .

5) Direct temperature setting, automatically thermostat, the hot water will  be constant, automatically memory function avoid repeated operation.

6) LED widescreen touch display sreen to show the working condition, setting temperature and outlet temp. power consumption and water consumption display.

7) Fault auto-detection technique, the cause will be displayed automatically while failure.


Parameter Table
Model( Bathroom Portable Electric Water Heater )                   DSK-E-C                      
Rated Voltage/Frequency(V/Hz)  220-240/50
Voltage phase  1
Rated power(KW)  8
Rated current(A)  36.4
Working pressure   0.02-0.6Mpa
Temp setting range                       30-55℃
Constant temperature  Yes
Water flow(L/Min)  4
Capacity Endless 
Safety class   IP25
Copper core requirement(mm2)   ≥6
Ammeter requirement(A)   ≥40
Air switch requirement(A)   ≥43
Connection size(inch)  G3/4
Product size(mm)                  375*245*75